Virtual Training

Plans :


Monday, Wednesday, Friday - Live Class
Time- 5:30AM

If you can’t make the live class, Recorded class is sent out after class with Link and Passcode that last for 4 week cycle

LTL Virtual Bootcamps are designed to provide a total body HIIT workout in the comfort of your home— with or without equipment. Body weight is enough, but if you have dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, etc bring them for an extra push💪🏾.

I have a List of links of equipment from Amazon (but you can buy at any store) that we use if you are looking to add to your Arsenal. If you need Modifications for exercises, they are always provided.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Best Trainer I’ve ever had

I hate virtual workouts. I find that most of them are a complete waste of time. I also find that I’m not as motivated doing them as I would be doing a workout in person. Justin’s virtual workout have totally changed the game for me. The workout is super challenging and you walk away feeling incredibly accomplished after finishing it. I cannot believe I’m saying this but I love virtual workouts now. Please know you are missing out by not joining us! Lastly, thanks Justin for making this so fun and challenging. Thank you for believing in all of us. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us. And thank you for pushing us to past our own mental barrriers. And for those of you hesitant to sign up, for those of you looking for your sign to sign up… the sign is here. SIGN UP!

Bridget Rodriguez
The best of the best!

Justin is literally the best trainer I have ever come across! He has tons of knowledge about the human body and how to strengthen it, but he also knows the human mind and spirit. He knows how to motivate and nurture it so his clients not only get a great full body workout but gives them the knowledge and encouragement to keep coming back and reaching their goals. I for one have come back knowing that once I start I WILL reach mine. However the best part of Justin’s team is the community he built that adds in even extra support and motivation. Knowing you have others around you all with the same goal and passions is truly a gift you can get nowhere else! Join us! You will not be disappointed!

Wanna have some fun?

Joining this group has been a life saver! During the pandemic things were not looking good. My physical and mental health were not in a good place. Waking up to Justin's and E's training gave me the "push" to challenge myself. Their workouts give you results! If you want to meet great people and be part of this virtual family, sign up!

Angel Runio
Best trainer to date

JC is the trainer for your needs he’s available in different ways for clients whether that’s virtual,in person or his infamous boot camps. You can see the dedication and the craft that he puts on display. From realizing specific client strengths and weaknesses he will make sure your comfortable with your workouts. On the days you need that extra push he will show out and call you out and as a client there is nothing else you can ask for!

Rick Velasco
10 out of 10! Would recommend

JC and E definitely love what they do and it shows! They make the classes fun yet challenging! It really doesn’t matter where you’re at in your fitness journey, these classes will kick your ass! If you need anything, JC and E are there to provide extra support through your journey. Also the group chats are lit 😂 never a dull moment! You’re missing out if you don’t join the team !