Virtual Training

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LIVE CLASS: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday @5:30AM.

LTL Virtual Bootcamps are a Total body HIIT workout designed for the comfort of your home. Equipment is not required. However, it is encouraged. If you want the extra push, see the following recommendations for equipment: dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, etc!

Please note if you can’t make the live class, the recorded class is sent out after each live class with a link and passcode that lasts four weeks.

If you are hesitant about which fitness equipment to purchase, LTL FITNESS has an Amazon Store Front where you can buy the items referenced above.

Modifications for exercises are provided in every LTL Virtual HIIT class. If something does not feel right, dont do it. ALWAYS listen to your body.

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Customer Reviews

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Natalie Castro
Virtual class experience

The class was awesome! It was a great workout. Taking this virtual class was such a great experience and so flexible with my schedule. I will certainly take the class again! Thank you to the instructors for being so encouraging and motivating.

Tried and true method!

I have tried pilates, hot yoga, weight training and self workouts at the gym. Justin’s workouts are hands down the best out of all. I have joined twice and within one month I have been able to see results both times. Yes waking up for the morning classes is tough but worth the sacrifice. You really do go throughout the day feeling more energized, focused and feeling good about yourself. I am signing up for another round of work outs. Highly recommend LTL Fitness!



Best Trainer I’ve ever had

I hate virtual workouts. I find that most of them are a complete waste of time. I also find that I’m not as motivated doing them as I would be doing a workout in person. Justin’s virtual workout have totally changed the game for me. The workout is super challenging and you walk away feeling incredibly accomplished after finishing it. I cannot believe I’m saying this but I love virtual workouts now. Please know you are missing out by not joining us! Lastly, thanks Justin for making this so fun and challenging. Thank you for believing in all of us. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us. And thank you for pushing us to past our own mental barrriers. And for those of you hesitant to sign up, for those of you looking for your sign to sign up… the sign is here. SIGN UP!

Bridget Rodriguez
The best of the best!

Justin is literally the best trainer I have ever come across! He has tons of knowledge about the human body and how to strengthen it, but he also knows the human mind and spirit. He knows how to motivate and nurture it so his clients not only get a great full body workout but gives them the knowledge and encouragement to keep coming back and reaching their goals. I for one have come back knowing that once I start I WILL reach mine. However the best part of Justin’s team is the community he built that adds in even extra support and motivation. Knowing you have others around you all with the same goal and passions is truly a gift you can get nowhere else! Join us! You will not be disappointed!